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Hey there!  you have made it to my page.First I would like to thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy SAF-SAX.COM
My name is Tom Asbridge,an entertainer from Kingwood TX. as time goes by I'll be constructing and updating this site.
Please check back, and thanks again.


I play music/perform around the Houston and Southeast Tx. area some of my dates are listed below.

2/17/16 Fire House Bar (South Houston TX.) 7-11

2/19/16 Hilton Resort (Galveston TX.) 7-10

2/20/16 Bay Area Singles (Dickinsen TX.) 7-10

2/24/16 Fire House Bar (South Houston TX.) 7-11

2/26/16 Kingwood Country Club( Kingwood TX.)  6-10

2/27/16 Hilton Resort (Galveston TX.) 7-10

2/28/16 The Garage Bar And Grill (Alvin,TX.) 4-8







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